Engineering class with a difference: mechanical engineering in practice

At the end of November, class 9 of the Anne-Frank-Realschule [intermediate secondary technical school] in Ettlingen experienced an engineering class full of surprises at SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH in Karlsbad-Ittersbach. The second exchange between school and industry took place as part of the co-operation scheme, “Industry backs training”. The aim of this exchange was to demonstrate to the pupils ultrasound technology in practice alongside a visit to the works. Three weeks previously, Markus Hecht, Applications Director at SONOTRONIC, had delivered a paper on this subject during the engineering class.
Technikunterricht einmal anders: Maschinenbau in der Praxis

The trainees explain their job

Consequently, the anticipation was great to see how ultrasound works in the special machines built at SONOTRONIC. The pupils were excited to be able to insert a bumper into a special machine, so as to then start test production. “It’s great to have this opportunity and also to be allowed to handle the machines,” said class 9 pupil, Thorsten enthusiastically. Other practical examinations of the standard machines followed: every pupil welded luggage straps and also sealed ball-point pens in thief-proof blister packs. After the works visit, the head of training, Georg Keppler, explained in the training shop the conditions for obtaining practical training or an apprenticeship at SONOTRONIC. Finally, the pupils were allowed to fire questions at the trainees about the jobs they were training for. The workpieces produced during training, such as a pneumatic switching system, served as visual aids. During light refreshments at the end of the visit, the engineering teachers, Mr. Merz and Mr. Künzel, expressed their thanks for the practical insight into the company and added: “This opportunity to get an idea of the real world of work is extremely important for the future of young people when they are looking for a career.”

Effective: Nov 24, 2016