SONOTRONIC helps young people to choose a career

Choosing a career can be a very tricky business: should it be a job in industry or perhaps something in the social sector? There are apparently endless possibilities for a pupil, who already has to know from an early age, what the future should hold for him. In order to shed a little light in the jobs jungle, SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH again took part in this year’s Day of Vocational Orientation. This was organised by the Karlsruhe Chamber of Industry and Commerce in co-operation with the Karlsbad-Waldbronn Community School on 17.11.2016.
SONOTRONIC helps young people to choose a career

SONOTRONIC trainees, Yannick Wieland and Michelle Fromm, show the pupils how ultrasound works.

Five companies from the region presented various training careers at a career’s convention. After a brief introduction about SONOTRONIC and the different training courses, SONOTRONIC-trainees, Michelle Fromm and Yannick Wieland, explained in greater detail by way of practical examples, the training to become electronics and industrial engineers. ‘There were many students, who were very interested and asked numerous questions. This shows how important a day like this is for young people,’ says Michelle Fromm and Yannick Wieland adds: ‘An event like this is also a plus for me. I can show others how fantastic my job is and I can also improve my rhetorical skills’. In addition to the Day of Vocational Orientation, SONOTRONIC is also involved in numerous other vocational orientation projects, in order to excite young people about a vocation in industry.

Effective: Nov 26, 2016

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