Training ambassador promotes her craft

Inspiring young people to participate in training with the ultrasound specialist, SONOTRONIC, is the declared aim of the training ambassador, Michelle Fromm. The 20-year old is currently in her third year as an apprentice technical model builder. “When I finished my A-levels, I honestly did not have a clue what job I should go for. Should I go to university or go for an apprenticeship instead? All doors were open to me but I did not know which one to take”, Michelle Fromm explained. As a result of a holiday job at SONOTRONIC, she then found her dream job.

Just give it a go – by way of practical experience – and find out where your own strengths and weaknesses lie, what vocational sector appeals to you and where your life’s journey should lead you. These valuable tips were passed on by the committed training ambassador to the pupils of the Rüppurr Realschule in December.  “I really love my training. The pleasure I experience is something I would like to pass on to others and show how fantastic training is at SONOTRONIC”, the trainee enthused.

The national “Training Ambassador” initiative has already been promoted for years by the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Baden-Württemberg. Countless young people leave school without having a definite idea about their vocation. This is intended to buck the trend. On the basis of actual examples, Michelle Fromm presents the contents of her training. She shows the pupils a locating support, as produced by a model builder. To demonstrate this she has a DNP welding gun for joining two plastic parts. “SONOTRONIC and our ultrasonic technology are not merely an abstract term. The pupils experience first-hand how ultrasound works and about the values the company represents”, the training ambassador explained. And her visit seems to have an impact: pupils who never imagined being involved in a technical job now have an insight into this sector and as a result of the engaging  style of the SONOTRONIC training ambassador, may possibly even decide on the very opposite of what they originally thought.

Effective: Jan 09, 2017

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