Visitors to K 2016 show great interest in SONOTRONIC’s ultrasonic technology

230,000 trade visitors from more than 160 countries really packed a punch over the 8 days in October 2016 at K in Düsseldorf. The fair organisers are extremely pleased with the way the plastics exhibition went and SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH also summed up the exhibition as being very positive.
Visitors to K 2016 show great interest in SONOTRONIC’s ultrasonic technology

Visitors' higlight: the XL workroom

The ultrasonic machine builder of special and standard machines saw growing demand from trade visitors. “Roughly 30% more potential customers visited our stand to obtain advice from our colleagues”, says Ingo Nagel, the owner and managing director of SONOTRONIC. Visitors from the packaging industry were particularly attracted to film sealing. Technical non-woven fabrics which are processed using the roll-seam module also attracted wide attention. In addition, the “classics” of the plastics industry, such as welding and punching plastic components for the car industry were, of course, also the centre of attention. The XL workroom, where SONOTRONIC presented its different sonotrodes, also proved a major draw for the visitors. The designers’ love of detail was clearly visible here. Large numbers of OEMs (BMW, Daimler, VW, and Ford) found their way to the stand in order to satisfy themselves of the outstanding quality of SONOTRONIC ultrasonic technology.

There was proof that setting up the USA branch and the agency in Mexico was bearing fruit. Many visitors from Latin and South America, particularly from Mexico and Colombia, approached the SONOTRONIC team with specific enquiries regarding sales and application technology. What is already commonplace in Germany has now also been discovered in Colombia: using ultrasound to punch plastic. “This process has been known in Mexico for a while but in Colombia this technology is still rather new and people were very impressed by it”, according to Jürgen Wolf, sales manager. Staff members from the SONOTRONIC agencies in the USA and Japan were also present to provide professional advice to the international trade visitors.

Tailor-made solutions are still high on the agenda amongst customers. Nevertheless, the K fair showed a trend towards standard machines. With its ECOFLEX and ECO iSONIC series, SONOTRONIC was able to satisfy these enquiries. These machines have the advantage that they are available more quickly, the manufacturer can install special features and the customer can free himself from traditional specifications.

The fair also provided evidence that the advantages of ultrasound have already become established in the plastics industry. Many companies intend to change over from using heat to ultrasound, meaning that after the fair there will be many feasibility studies conducted at SONOTRONIC’s laboratory.

Effective: Oct 28, 2016