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SONOTRONIC corporate videoSONOTRONIC designs high-tech systems and components for joining plastics based on ultrasonic, infrared and hot plate technologies. A significant aspect of the business is standard and special machines for ultrasonic welding and punching for the automotive and packaging industries. We have transferred the advantages of ultrasound to other applications as well, for example, for new processes in the textile industry or environmental engineering.

This versatility, coupled with our experience, reliability and innovative capacity, has resulted in the success of the company, since it was founded in 1974. At the headquarters in Karlsbad in the Karlsruhe technology region, and in branch plants worldwide, SONOTRONIC now employs more than 300 people.

We have obtained know-how in research, development and production, which sets standards on an international scale. Our customer base is constantly expanding and now includes numerous well-known customers from Germany and abroad, some of whom have been customers for many years. All this is the result of our technical progress, high-quality production and the experience of our employees.

In order to keep meeting customer expectations, we insist on continuous quality and environmental management, according to the established standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

Overview of SONOTRONIC:

  • Foundation: 1974
  • Director: Ingo Nagel
  • Locations: Headquarters Karlsbad, worldwide sales and service offices
  • Employees: more than 300 in Germany, Spain and USA
  • Quality management: EN ISO 9001
  • Environmental management: EN ISO 14001
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