Ultrasonic Roll Seam Welding Units

The ultrasonic roll seam welding units of SONOTRONIC are suitable for continuous welding and for simultaneously cutting and sealing (Cutt&Seal) of synthetic textiles and non-woven fabrics.

Ultrasonic roll-seam welding systems take the place of conventional sewing machines.  Because of the various weld geometries, both continuous welds of different contours and spot welds can be produced.  The latter are ideal for maintaining material elasticity, for example, when welding corsetry.

The primary advantage of ultrasound for Cut&Seal applications is that the cut edge is simultaneously welded, so as to prevent fraying. Furthermore, several layers can be trimmed by separation welding in one process and joined together.

SONOTRONIC’s ultrasonic roll-seam units come with the sonotrode supported on both sides. As an option, we also offer special ultrasonic roll-seam units for welding with support on one side. In addition to use at manual work stations, the ultrasonic roll-seam units can also be incorporated into existing machine concepts.


Technical data:

Weld width [mm] 2 - 25
Max. [N] welding force or application force of the anvil 400
Max. speed [m/min] 80
Frequency [kHz] 35
Generator power [W] 400
Max. compressed air [bar] 6
Connected loads of drive [V] / [A] 230 / 4
Dimensions of sonotrode module W x H x D [mm] 420 x 138 x 168
Dimensions of anvil module W x H x D [mm] 393 x 294 x 192
Dimensions of control module W x H x D [mm] 600 x 600 x 350

Subject to alterations.

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