Textile Processing

SONOTRONIC’s portfolio of textile processing products includes components and systems as well as standard and special machines. Thermoplastic textiles and nonwoven can be welded, cut, punched, embossed and even thermoset and washed, using our highly developed ultrasonic technology.

The SONOTRONIC textile processing machines are designed to be operated in a continuous industrial process. We offer modules for ultrasonic thermofixing and ultrasonic washing. If the material is to subsequently make up, SONOTRONIC offers various machines based on ultrasonic or hot plate technologies for cutting, punching or embossing. The modular character of the individual processing stages means that they can be added to at any time.

For special applications and customer requests we also develop ultrasonic roll seam welding units or special machines for textile processing, using the above mentioned technologies.

Ultrasonic Systems for Welding, Cutting, Punching and Embossing

As an ultrasound specialist, SONOTRONIC provides solutions for intermittent welding, cutting, punching and embossing of thermoplastic textiles and nonwoven. Injection mouldings can also be joined to textiles using ultrasound.

Ultrasonic Roll Seam Welding Units

The ultrasonic roll seam welding units of SONOTRONIC are suitable for continuous welding and for simultaneously cutting and sealing (Cutt&Seal) of synthetic textiles and non-woven fabrics.

Special Machines for Textile Processing

We design and custom-build individual special ultrasonic machines for automated production for many textile processing applications.

Ultrasonic Thermofixing Machines and Systems

Finishing narrow fabrics has been fundamentally revolutionized and rationalized by the use of ultrasonic thermofixing machines and their latest technology.

Ultrasonic Washing Modules

For the energy-efficient washing out of sizing agent and spinning oils prior to dyeing and for the removing of non-fixed dye particles after thermofixing SONOTRONIC’s new developed ultrasonic washing modules (UWM) are suitable.
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