Thanks to the outstanding innovative performance of SONOTRONIC, the company is today active in many sectors of the market. We deploy the technical advances in ultrasound, compared with many established systems, in various different sectors and are therefore future-proof and at the same time unaffected by economic crises.

Automotive Industry

The know-how achieved from more than 2,000 realised automotive projects, means that SONOTRONIC is one of the top producers in the market. We develop and produce customised special machines for joining and punching individual components for the exteriors and interiors.

Plastics Industries

SONOTRONIC specialises in joining injection moulded and extruded plastic parts. For this, we deploy either ultrasonic, infrared or heated tool technology, depending on the application.

Packaging Industry

SONOTRONIC is opening up new possibilities in packaging technology with the patented sonotrode table and the incorporation of ultrasonic technology into combined deep-draw packaging processes. Individual packaging can be produced economically and without damaging the environment.

Food Industry

In the food industry, the use of ultrasound technology makes it possible to solve tricky cutting and separation problems. For this purpose, SONOTRONIC develops customised ultrasonic units and assemblies.

Textile Industry

Our ultrasonic machines, systems and components are used in the textile industry for making up. Our ultrasonic heat-setting and washing offer environmentally-friendly solutions for textile finishing.

Environmental Sector

SONOTRONIC develops and produces ultrasonic systems for the environmental sector, in particular to optimise the efficiency of waste water treatment plants and biogas plants. In addition, we offer our customers preliminary tests and feasibility studies in this field.
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