Repair and Maintenance

At the request of the customer, our qualified skilled workers carry out maintenance work on machines at regular intervals. We reply to repair enquiries with short response times and appropriate solutions.

At regular intervals, we carry out planned and ad-hoc maintenance work on the machines, either at the customers’ premises or at SONOTRONIC. At the same time, we balance various parameters, check, amongst other things, the ultrasonic components and replace faulty or worn components. If necessary, we update machines and tools by rebuilding or enlarging them.

We also carry out repairs at our customers’ premises just as reliably and professionally as we would maintenance work. Reliability starts with accessibility and the necessary care with implementation. Where there are complaints about machines or defects, we respond immediately to your enquiries. In co-operation with the departments responsible, our service staffs immediately search for the cause of the problem and offer an appropriate solution. Where repairs are carried out on site, we do everything to ensure that the machines can be operated smoothly again.

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